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Your Complete


Environment and Events


With Stellar's intuitive technology and powerful built-in features,

you’ll have the creative freedom to

create, design and manage your virtual environment,

exactly the way you want.

Abstract Structure

The Power of Meaningful Engagement and Rich Visuals

Stellar is a virtual environment that enables organizers to augment their virtual events and empower attendees with a highly immersive and engaging experience.
Producers can deliver online events with high-end graphical interfaces, powerful interactive tools to keep attendees engaged, and endless opportunities to expand revenue potential.
Attendees can congregate in a destination that carries them into a beautiful 3-dimensional world, with features that allow them to communicate and engage in unique and meaningful ways.

Add All the Features You Need

With Stellar, you can create the exact virtual experience you need.
Add as many features as you wish - without any limitations. 


Video Chat

Your attendees will enjoy face-to-face video calls with other attendees and speakers



Engage attendees with polls that create interactive and engaging events


Virtual Lounge

A virtual room that invites attendees to meet, talk, exchange information, and even listen to music


Breakout Rooms

Stellar breakout rooms allow event organizers to masterfully create sub-groups within meeting sessions. Groups can be created manually or automatically.


Q&A Tools

Pull attendees into your virtual world by creating opportunities to engage with speakers. Attendees can send questions, which can be answered in real time


We wanted to bring fifty years of WRIF to life, showcasing the events, music and personalities of Detroit’s iconic rock station.

Stellar created an immersive, virtual journey through five decades of WRIF and crafted fan-centric environments using imaginative tools providing a contemporary experience to a legendary brand”.

Scott Jameson
Vice President – National Content

Beasley Media Group | Detroit

Discover the Best Ways to Design Your Virtual Space And Events

Set Yourself Up for Success

Stellar empowers you to bring your ideas to life. With our all-inclusive Designer, you can design, manage and grow your virtual environment and events - all from one powerful platform.

Get Started For Free
Build your environment in hours, with no commitment 
Media Capabilities

Mobile Visualization


Stellar environments are fully mobile. Web environments respond to all screen sizes.

Stellar mobile apps allow users to experience virtual environments in full effect.

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